Voice Of The Unborn


Voice Of The Unborn is a nonsectarian organization with the express purpose of protecting and encouraging respect for unborn human life as well as promoting the health and well-being of women . We are individuals committed to the traditional ethic of our nation as set forth in our Declaration of Independence, that each person is entitled to the right of life whether pre-born, born, ill or aged. We are convicted individuals who come together as one voice-- the Voice of the Unborn-- for without the right to life no other rights exist.

Mission Statement

Voice Of The Unborn’s inaugural trip to Austin on July 9th was an amazing experience-- and highly effective in standing for women’s health and the unborn. Over 250 committed East Texans loaded onto buses and went to Austin to champion the pro life cause. We met with politicians, sang songs, prayed together, and made our voice heard. But enough words... click here to see the photos for yourselves!